Book 1: The Rogue and the Hellion
Book 2: Seduced By A Rogue
Book 3: The Last Rogue

Book 1: A Taste Of Sin
Book 2: A Breath of Scandal
Book 3: A Touch So Wicked

Book 1: The Outlaws - Rafe
Book 2: The Outlaws - Jess
Book 3: The Outlaws - Sam

Book 1: To Love A Stranger
Book 2: To Tame A Renagade
Book 3: To Tempt A Rogue

Book 1: Flame
Book 2: Shadow Walker

Book 1: Tears Like Rain
Book 2: Wind Rider
Book 3: Sierra

Book 1: Beyond the Horizon
Book 2: A Promise of Thunder

Book 1: Bold Land, Bold Love
Book 2: Wild Land, Wild Love
Book 3: Brave Land, Brave Love

Many of my books are now available in e-book format from various sites on a variety of e-readers.

Threror and Royal