Summer 2012

Dear Readers,

The partnership between me and Mia Marlowe has been working out great. SINS OF THE HIGHLANDER got great reviews and Mia Marlowe and I are very pleased. In fact, we decided it worked so well that we would cooperate on a few more books. Our next book LORD OF FIRE AND ICE is an exciting Viking tale that will keep you in suspense until the last page. Look for LORD OF FIRE AND ICE in July.

After five years away from home, serving in the Vargangian Guard for the Byzantine Emperor, Brandr has finally reached his beloved home on Hardanger Fjord. He has seen the world and many of the beautiful women in it. His bed skills are stuff of steamy legend, his sword sings death, and he has the magic power to call up fire from thin air. No one would have guessed that he could be enslaved through trickery and forced to wear the iron collar of a thrall—least of all Brandr.

Katla the black isn't just called that for her dark, silky black hair, her heart is as icy as the frozen North. She is Brandr's mistress now. Brandr has been captured in retribution for his father's killing of Katla's husband. What is more humiliating than making a thrall of an enemy's heir? This is where the story gets complicated. Katla's three brothers are urging her to marry for their own selfish reasons as the attraction between Katla and Brandr the thrall begins to grow. When danger arises from one of Katla's suitors, Katla is forced to choose a husband in order to save her farmstead. She chooses Brandr, to her brothers' surprise. But who better to defend the farmstead than a warrior like Brandr? When danger strikes, they all realize that the only one who can help them is Brandr, Katla's husband. You'll want to read on to see how their relationship turns from hatred to a much stronger emotion. Let me quote a review a quote from Foxglove, who rated it a 4.5 stars with a spicy heat level.

"Connie Mason and Mia Marlowe have written an intriguing and absorbing historical look at the people of the North with all the harsh and unyielding conditions and dangers of the time, and the passions that ruled the people. This is not a pretty world. This is a well crafted story and I was drawn to the characters from the beginning. These people have learned they need to fight for what is theirs, and revenge is swift in many cases. The authors were able to bring life, not only the passions ruling the character, but the small joys and disappointments inherent in the rough life these people lived."

On a personal note, my beautiful great-grandchildren, now numbering four, continue to thrive. I hope you check out their pictures on the page dedicated to them.

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